Leather And Shoes Tester

It mainly test the shoes and leather quality .you can find more this list .

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  • ASTM D2097 Rub Resistance Tester

    1.Meet with standard : ASTM D2097
    2 It's desktop and has multiple test clamping units,
    3 Automatic stop function by microcomputer electric counter

  • ISO 3379 Leather Cracking Tester

    1.Leather Cracking Testing MachineMeet with standard : ISO 3379\17235
    2 It is used to determine distension and strength of leather grain.

  • Top Piece Abrasion Tester

    1.Meet with standard : GB/T 26703-2011
    2 is used to prepare top piece specimen for abrasion resistance test of top piece of leather shoes by the rota

  • Flexing and Rubbing Tester

    1.Meet with standard HG/T 3048, ISO 5981
    2. used to evaluate the resistance to combined shear flexing and rubbing of rubber or plastic coated fabric

  • Digital Textile Softness Tester DW9210

    1.Meet with standard : ISO 17235
    2 Soft tester is for the leather and textile fabrics and other soft fabric soft-test design

  • Finished Shoes Bending Tester DW9620B

    1.Finished Shoes Bending Tester
    2 It is used to determine the safety footwear ability to resist the
    3 easy opreate
    4 One year warrant

  • shoes bending resistence tester DW9620

    1.Shoes Bending resitance tester
    2 It is used to determine the safety footwear ability to resist the
    compression and the sole's ability to resist

  • Shoes Static Anti-slip Testing Machine DW9530

    1.Meet with standard : SATRA TM144 / EN ISO 13287 /ASTM F2913.
    2 It measure shoes and standard floor interface between the non-slip coefficient

  • Leather Scratch Resistance Tester DW9420

    1.Meet with standard : ISO 5402:2002
    2 It is test the flexing-resistance of leathers for production of vamp, clothing materials

  • Freezing Flexing Test Chamber DW9520

    1.Freezing Flexing Test Chamber
    2Bally flexing clamp is configuration,
    shoe flexing clamp also can be added in chamber;
    3. Easy installation

  • EN ISO 20344 Electrical Safety Tester DW9560

    1. safety shoes anti-static resistance tester
    2 it is used to determine the resistance value of shoe materials and shoes to evaluate

  • SATRA TM161 upper sole flexing tester DW9610

    1. whole sole flexing tester for footware
    2 It is used to determine the resistance of materials to cut growth during repeated flexing
    3 One year wa

  • Leather Rotation Rubbing Fastness Tester DW9320

    1.Leather Rotation Rubbing Fastness Tester
    2.LCD display
    3.It can complete five different test methods, including dry, wet, sweat, alcohol, organic

  • Bally Waterproof Penetration Tester FY011

    1.Meet with standard :DIN 53338
    2 Bally Waterproof Penetration Tester is used to test the waterproof
    performance of leather, artificial leather

  • Maeser Shoes Dynamic Waterproof Tester DW9431

    1.ASTM D2099 MAESER Water Penetration Testing Machine
    2 It is used to determine the dynamic water penetration of shoe upper leather. It is applicab

  • Leather Surface Abrasion Tester DW9110

    1Leather Surface Abrasion Tester
    2 Specimen size is 120×20mm
    3.Test speed from (0~50)cycles per minute, adjustable
    4 LCD display

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